Dreams Apartments, a family business.

My name is Cecile Pulm. After several years of experience in an apartment rental agency, I founded Dreams Apartments in 2005 after buying my first apartment. Several apartment purchases later (by my parents, my brother, and me), we now have a portfolio of 5 apartments. I personally found each apartment, renovated and decorated them, and have been managing them ever since. I answer emails and calls, I am your only contact.

Since 2010, my mother, Catherine, has joined me to manage the apartments. Together, we make every effort to always offer apartments in perfect condition and in an irreproachable cleanliness. These are our apartments, and we also enjoy taking care of them (unlike what I often saw in an agency).

Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with trusted professionals:

- Rolly, our housekeeper for 10 years, he knows the apartments by heart and works quickly and remarkably well.
- Abdul, our contractor forever. It is him who renovated all the apartments and who intervenes if necessary.
- Philippe, our English speaking driver. A true gentleman at your service for transfers from the train station or the airport, but also for your trips in Paris.


Since early 2018, because of the very sharp increase in the number of apartments rented in the short term in Paris, the City Council has decided to make every effort to reduce the number seriously. Laws have been passed, and to be allowed to rent an apartment today, there are only 2 possibilities:
- Either it's the owner's main home, and he can rent it while he goes on vacation, with a maximum of 120 days a year. In this case, it is often "amateur" owners who do this to make ends meet. In general, the cupboards are filled with their belongings, you can really feel that the apartment is inhabited, and the reception is more or less professional.
- Either the owner has regularized their apartment so that it is legal for short term rental in Paris. It is a very long procedure, very expensive and now very complex to achieve. Which deters most homeowners.

Dreams Apartments carried out the regularization procedure for Marais Elegance and Marais Chic. These two apartments are among the very few legal apartments in Paris managed by professionals.

You can stay there in full compliance with the law and in complete confidence.

With our long-term apartment options, we also follow all applicable regulations.


We specifically chose all our apartments based on their ideal locations. They could not be better situated when it comes to restaurants, cafes, nightlight, shopping, the metro, art galleries, and all the must-see tourist attractions. The neighborhoods, St. Germain and Le Marais, both offer the perfect blend of modern and classic Parisian charm.

We have made sure to make your home in Paris both comfortable and luxurious. Each apartment is decorated with beautiful furniture and elegant details. They are also all well-equipped with conveniences including: a washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, air conditioning for most of them, king sized beds, and free cable television, international phone calls and wireless fiber Internet.